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The Impact of Carelessness

Serious injuries caused by someone else's negligence shouldn't burden you with financial stress. At the Entelisano Law Firm, we believe that you deserve both justice and compensation for the harm you've endured.

Focused on Your Financial Stability

We understand that the last thing you need is the added worry of lost income and mounting bills. Our dedicated Central New York team is committed to ensuring that those responsible for your injuries are held accountable.


1. Comprehensive Legal Support

Our personal injury process offers comprehensive legal support, addressing every aspect of your case to secure the compensation you deserve.

2. Diligent Advocacy for Fair Settlements

Even if you’ve been offered partial compensation, our team works diligently to ensure you receive a fair settlement that truly reflects the extent of your injuries and damages.

3. Local Expertise, Personalized Approach

Based in Rome, NY, we are familiar with the unique challenges and legal landscape of Central New York. We provide a personalized approach, understanding the specific needs of our local community.

Let Us Stand by Your Side

Navigating a personal injury claim can be overwhelming, but you don't have to face it alone. The Entelisano Law Firm is here to be your advocate, providing not only legal expertise but also the compassion and dedication needed during this challenging time.

Take the first step towards justice and the financial stability you deserve. Your well-being is our priority.

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