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Rental Property

Previous tenants had caused significant damages to our rental property so we asked Mr.Entelisano for help with the case. After his review he took on the challenge . Bruce kept in constant communication with us every step of the way and never kept us in the dark. His dedication, professionalism, and thorough preparation won our case and justice was served. We would gladly recommend Bruce to anyone and he will be our attorney in the future if ever needed.



Bruce represented me personally in a real estate transaction with extraordinary competence and diligence. He is without question the best legal value for the money I have experienced. Bruce is extremely knowledgeable of his profession and well versed in a variety of legal matters. He is determined to help his clients on all accounts. His dedication and communication skills are beyond compare!


Excellent Lawyer

Excellent choice! My husband and I just bought our first home without a realtor and we couldn’t have done it without Entelisano law firm. It’s not always about the fine print but also negotiating and working out the kinks. Bruce was a huge help and kept everything very understandable! We highly recommend him and his law firm to anyone!

Tess Marcinkowski

Extremely competent

I had a difficult social security case. I have an invisible illness. Mr. Entelisano was calm, knew what to expect from the judge, and helped me stay focused during questioning. The result was positive, and I am now receiving Social Security.


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